About Us

banner1shopPrzybylski Waste Services is a local family owned dumpster service company in Pulaski WI.  It is owned and operated by Chad and Laurie Przybylski along with the family. It was established in 2007 to help customers have an opportunity to rent a small affordable size roll-off dumpster for their small to midsize dumpster needs.  We went into the business and focused on a user friendly sized dumpster that other waste companies do not offer.  We choose to specialize in 10 yard open top roll off dumpsters.  With the size of the 10 yard open top roll-off dumpster you can fit these little units nicely in your driveway, garage or yard for whatever project you may have, from roofing, remolding, new construction, house clean out, scraps and more.

Our Services:

With our single axle midsized trucks that are set up with a hook lift system; we can deliver, pick up and maneuver the 10 yard open top dumpsters with ease without damaging your property. We can place the dumpsters where the other waste hauling companies can’t.  We take pride in our company and do whatever we can to take care of your dumpster needs.  For example, if you have concrete, blacktop, grass or any other kind of terrain we will take the extra time and roll our dumpster on planks so the rear wheels do not mark or scrape up your yard. Upon request we can deliver on weekends, after hours and work with you on bigger projects where you might need more than one of our 10 yard dumpsters.  Please feel free to browse through our website to learn more about Przybylski Waste Services.

If you have any questions feel free to call Travis Przybylski at 1-920-660-6804 or Fill Out Our Online Form.